My first passion was photography. Photography is a way to explore and to understand the world we live in. It’s a way to find our place in the world.



A book is much more than its content.





Arabella Schwarzkopf was born in 1972 and grew up in Tyrol, Austria. She studied Photography in Rochester, New York. After seven years in the US, Schwarzkopf moved to Vienna, Austria, where she worked as a photographer represented by Agentur Anzenberger. In 2006, she published City Lives at the Jovis Verlag Berlin.

Now Schwarzkopf lives in Bologna, Italy, where she makes handmade art books. Together with Margherita Cecchini, she founded Sassocartaforbice Artbooks in 2018. Among other things, they create small editions of artists books for photographers.

Instagram:  @sassocartaforbice_artbooks